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‘Folklórico’ dancers highlight Mexican traditions brought to Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — If there’s one thing that’s common across cultures, it’s dance.

The styles might be different, but the movements in each has a special uniqueness.

“Folklórico” is a type of dance in Mexico, and for centuries people have been doing their part to keep it alive. While the movements are beautiful, the dance is about tradition.

You don’t need a lot of skill to do the moves, but you have to be able to feel the beat, the rhythm and capture the tradition. This is “baile folklórico,” literally “folkloric dance” in Spanish, and these are the Ballet Folklorico Mosaicos dancers.

President Andrea Rodriguez said, “Hundreds of years ago and what their music was because that’s where our dances come from. The tradition is that were there hundreds of years ago. And we just kept doing them.”

The echo of shoes and skirt twirls is part of the imagery that brings this dance to life. Keeping it alive is what the founders had in mind when the nonprofit formed in 2014. By sharing this dance to audiences around Indiana, they hope to show the heritage and provide cultural enrichment for the people who watch.

“I’m a Mexican American that was born and raised here in Indy,” Rodriguez said. “And my parents always put it in me that it’s so important to keep my traditions alive because it’s important to never forget where you came from.”

Martha Reyes is the assistant youth instructor. She said, for the adults, the pride in tradition is usually already there. For the kids, it’s often honed.

“I think it’s important for the youth to understand, especially those who were born here, to understand their roots of Mexico or wherever they’re from,” Reyes said.

While these dances don’t call for a change in fortune or harvest as in other cultures, it’s building on something that’s already there.

“This is how I see it: Mexican folkloric dance, it’s just one way of keeping the culture alive,” Reyes said.

Although this is a Mexican style of dance, anyone can reach out if they’d like to test out their dancing shoes.