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Indianapolis leaders seek consultants for Cultural Equity Plan

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Preserving cultures in the city is next up on the agenda for the Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development.

But, they need the public’s help to roll out a new plan to get it all done.

City government leaders are in the beginning phase of developing what they’re calling the Cultural Equity Plan. They have a call out for qualified consultants to come in and help them shape it. The deadline to apply is June 29.

The plan will identify and celebrate Indianapolis cultures, and also identify gaps to help in making decisions for land use, economic development and other needs.

Indianapolis’ melting pot of cultures continues to grow, and recognizing history and the city’s changing face is what’s pushing forward the Cultural Equity Plan.

Lourenzo Giple, deputy director of planning, preservation and urban development, said, “To put it simply, Black and brown folks have been here and adding to the culture fabric of Indianapolis.”

“Communities change over time. We have to take culture into accommodation,” Giple said, “because, if not, we are losing culturally significant spaces, which is a key component of this the preservation of culturally significant spaces.”

Consultants who could help form the plan include cultural anthropologists, planners, urban designers, and community members who know the city and can find out more “and other places that we’ve yet to identify,” Giple said. “The history of Indianapolis is so vast. There are lots of history that we are still acknowledging on and also learning about.”

Giple said building the database will help direct the city in its long- and short-term comprehensive planning. “It adds to the diversity of place, so we know that diversity in and of itself once it’s celebrated. Everyone gains from it.”