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New Indianapolis exhibit offers glimpse into lives of immigrants

Multicultural Spotlight: New Indianapolis exhibit offers glimpse into lives of immigrants

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A new exhibit at Newfields is shaping the arts scene for Hispanic immigrants in Indianapolis.

Organizers from the arts and nature museum say the exhibit is the first-of-its-kind in the community. After 10 years of planning, a Latino group show will taken center stage for the first time in Newfield’s Bret Waller Gallery.

“We’re trying to find our place in an institution that’s not necessarily designed for us,” Daniel Del Real, an artist-mentor for the Latino Artist Mentorship Program, said.

The show — led by Del Real, artist Eduardo Luna and organizer Marisa Zambrano — offers a glimpse into the lives of 20 local Hispanic artists and what they left behind in Latin America.

Hipólito Monjarás came from Mexico. “This fish also represents my courage to survive. This also represents my childhood. I was born and raised in a seafood restaurant that my dad used to have.”.

The exhibit is called “De Aquí y de Allá,” meaning “from here and there.”

Organizers say the artists come from places including Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba and El Salvador.

“So, this theme for this exhibit sort of empowers the artist to feel like, yes, they are part of both. You belong in both. You’re from here, and you’re from there, and so with that theme, each of the artists interpreted however they felt was the right way,” Del Real said.

They’re part of the first cohort of the one-year Latino Artist Mentorship Program that began in January.

“This whole program has been a dream come true for us. The Latino Artist Mentorship Program has been in the works for a really long time. We were gracious enough to receive a grant from Glick Philanthropies to finally make it possible,” Del Real said.

Del Real says these artists went through a series of workshops breaking barriers for Hispanic artists by offering them resources and networking opportunities.

The exhibit is a way to showcase their work.

“A Latino artist finds it difficult to really fit into the mainstream art scene. A lot of times there aren’t specific calls for artists that target Latinos,” Del Real said.

Monjarás says he is thankful for the opportunity. “It brings more joy to myself, and I’d really love to see more people come into the program.”

The show will run through Jan. 7.