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Occasion marks migrants’ contributions in world

Mexican migrants, many from Michoacan state, attend a religious service at the Embajadores de Jesus Christian migrant shelter in Tijuana, Mexico, on Sept. 26, 2023. (AP Photo/Karen Castaneda)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — People around the world marked Monday as International Migrant Day.

Each year, Dec. 18 marks the day the world sets aside to recognize contributions made by migrants. The issue is a hot-button political issue in the United States, ensnaring members of Congress in legislative battles and wars of words of the topic.

A statement on the United Nations website, marking the occasion, said “Regardless of the reasons that compel people to move, migrants and displaced people represent some of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in society, and are often exposed to abuse and exploitation, have limited access to essential services including healthcare, and are faced with xenophobic attacks and stigma fueled by misinformation.”

On Dec. 4, 2000, the U.N. General Assembly made the proclamation that the day be dedicated to migrants.

“At the point of origin, deeper poverty does not lead automatically to higher migration. The poorest people generally do not have the resources to bear the costs and risks of international migration. International migrants are usually drawn from middle-income households,” according to the U.N.