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New ‘Turtle Xing’ sign stolen in West Lafayette

A "Turtle Xing" sign was installed in early August 2019 after 8-year-old Jack Wietbrock wrote West Lafayette, Ind., Mayor John Dennis saying the turtles crossing the road "need our help." (WLFI Photo)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — A West Lafayette boy’s wish to save the turtles has been spoiled.

Someone stole the city’s newly placed turtle crossing sign.

All that is left standing is a blank post sitting on Cherry Lane, just north of Purdue University’s campus.

The “Turtle Xing” sign was installed about three weeks ago after 8-year-old Jack Wietbrock wrote Mayor John Dennis saying turtles crossing the road “need our help.”

Dennis said it’s disappointing that someone would do this.

“It’s one those things that you slap your forehead over. You know, ‘What are they thinking?’ You know, obviously this is a community response to a problem that one of our young citizens felt was important enough to where they write me a letter,” Dennis said.

The city said it will press charges if it identifies the person or people who stole the sign.

City officials said they hope to replace the Cherry Lane sign soon. Three other turtle signs are installed in the community, but this was the original.

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