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Ohio State student recounts harrowing moments during Monday’s attack

COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Caroline Chick was walking to lab at The Ohio State University Monday morning when a group of people came running from Watts Hall.

“Five or six guys just started running out, and they were screaming to run,” said Chick, a sophomore studying finance. “I saw that two of the guys had blood on them and one of the guys told me that someone had just run into the building with a car and hit people with it, and then he started coming out with a knife and two of the guys had actually gotten hit with the knife.”

She hid with the others behind a brick wall next to Watts Hall.

“I remember watching the guy whose hand was bleeding, watching his blood drip on the concrete and sort of just trying to figure out what was happening,” Chick said.

They hid for a minute or two and then heard gunshots.

“They were so loud, we thought it actually might have come from inside the building,” Chick said.

Chick said she and a few of the others hid in another spot before continuing on to safety. She went to her lab that day and later called her parents to let her know what happened. She said Wednesday that it still seemed surreal.

“I feel like you think you might know what to do in that situation, but once you’re in that situation, you really don’t,” Chick said. “It just all happens very, very fast.”

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