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OSU attack felt by many in the Hoosier State

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — With a far-reaching alumni network, the attack Monday at Ohio State University had a ripple effect across the country.

There are more than 500,000 living Ohio State alums across the country.

A number of them live here in the Hoosier state.

Pam Elliot did not attend the university, but she grew up in Buckeye country and attended Ohio State football games growing up.

“The marching band and all the cheerleaders and all the students out and about,” she said. “It was a sea of scarlet and grey and I have some great memories from that.”

She was shocked to learn from friends online about the attack Monday.

“I was on Facebook and some of my family members were posting that they were safe in the violence in Columbus,” she said.

She worried about her dad who went there and still lives in Columbus.

“He still affiliates with the university and so my first thought was oh my gosh could he have been on campus at the time?”

Her dad ended up not being involved, but she’s sympathetic to the families of the victims.

Nabeel Bitar also said his thoughts and prayers are with those families.

He’s the Ohio State Alumni Chapter treasurer in Indianapolis.

He attended the university during the 90s and recognized the part of campus that was attacked.

“That engineering building was in the corner where we walked to our classes all the time in college,” he said. “I was just there this Saturday for the football game and drove right by it.”

He was also in shock to learn about attacks at such a special place to him and his family.

“It was scary and troubling, you hear about that stuff all the time and when it hits somewhere close to you it’s that much more disturbing,” he said.

He just hopes that this was an isolated incident that won’t happen again.