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Pacemates interrupt live shot, reporter is just fine with that

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — NBA Draft night must be like New Year’s Eve for the basketball community.

24-Hour News 8’s Chris Widlic was doing a live shot from Latitude 360 prior to Thursday night’s NBA Draft.

While talking about how the draft might go for the Pacers, two Pacemates jumped up and kissed Chris on the cheeks.

“Got to like that on live TV,” Widlic ad-libbed. “The Pacemates (are) enjoying some free air time. Where was I? Wow.”

Clearly caught off-guard, Widlic held it together, although his face might have been a shade or two more red.

Later in the show, Eric Halvorson and Brooke Martin razzed Chris for good measure.

“Did you get the lipstick all off?” Halvorson asked.

“I think there’s some lipstick still on your cheeks,” said Martin.

“They gave me a napkin,” Wildic responded.