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Pence makes vigorous defense of Trump

(WISH) — While growing numbers of Republicans now say they can’t defend Donald Trump, Mike Pence is unfazed.

Pence continues to defend Trump vigorously.

The GOP running mate continues to play his role as the clean up man in the Trump campaign and he is doing it in a series of interviews with TV stations in battleground states and on national television.

A Columbus, Ohio interviewer asked if he was convinced that Donald Trump has never assaulted a woman.

“These unsubstantiated claims have all been denied by Donald Trump,” he said, “and this campaign’s going to continue to focus on the issues that the people of Ohio and the people of Pennsylvania are really focused on.”

When pressed, Pence said, “I can say with certainty that Donald Trump has denied that any of those actions that have been alleged have ever occurred and I believe him.”

As a practical matter Pence has little choice to do anything but defend Donald Trump as long as he is on the GOP ticket..