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Pence responds to Westfield stage collapse

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — Governor Mike Pence said he is relieved that no serious injuries or loss of life was reported following a stage collapse Thursday night at Westfield High School.

“We were relieved beyond words that no loss of life or serious injuries occurred during the stage collapse at Westfield High School last evening. I commend all the emergency personnel who quickly responded to the injured students in such a professional manner,” Pence said in press release.

A stage collapsed at Westfield Washington High School Thursday night, leaving more than a dozen students injured. Luckily officials confirmed that only minor injuries were reported.

Pence said that the State Fire Marshal, Indiana State Police and Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration will review the incident.

“Our public safety team will continue to work jointly with the Westfield officials to investigate this incident. Hoosiers may be assured that the Fire Marshal’s office from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, State Police and state OSHA investigators are thoroughly investigating the causes of this incident and will make every effort to prevent this or worse from happening in the future,” Pence said.

City officials said they expect the investigation to begin Friday.