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Police release photo of bank robber without disguise

FORTVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – Police have linked the man who robbed a Fortville bank to a bomb threat the same day, and they have a new photo of him without his disguise.

On Friday, police released information about a bank robbery in Fortville and a bomb threat called into a school. Police found the series of events unusual but couldn’t immediately tie them together. They have since used surveillance video to connect the two incidents.

Fortville Police Department officials said the man went to a Speedway gas station to buy something before calling in a bomb threat and robbing a bank. Investigators said the clothing of the man at the gas station matched the person who robbed the bank. Once the man got to the bank, he was wearing a fake beard. But his face is visible in the gas station surveillance. The bomb threat was tracked to a pay phone in Anderson.

Anyone with information about the man should contact police at 317-485-4044.

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