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Poll: Are the Oscar snubs about racism or lack of acting?

(WISH/CNN) – Several big names are saying they won’t be watching or attending the Oscars this year because for the second straight year the nominees in the major acting categories are entirely white.

For example, “Beasts of No Nation” was one of the best films of 2015, yet it didn’t receive a single Oscar nomination. In fact, out of 528 nominations in the Best Picture category, no film with an all-black cast has ever been nominated for Best Picture. Even space has more gravity than the number of all black-cast films nominated. 

Earlier this week actress Jada Pinkett Smith called for others to stand up to an industry that in her view “doesn’t value people of color.”

Since the start of the Academy Awards, 15 African Americans have won the honors for acting.

In 2009, the Academy increased the number of films that could be nominated for Best Picture to a maximum of 10. This year only 8 films were nominated. Many think there was room for two more.