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Proposed bill would pay remote workers to move to Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indiana lawmakers are pushing a bill that would pay remote workers to move to the state. A grant program would then send a check to people after living in Indiana for a year.

If you make $100,000 or less and live outside Indiana or are a college graduate, you would have a potential $5,000 benefit to help reimburse taxes and moving costs. If you make more than $100,000, it would be an $8,500 grant.

The program is designed to attract new people to Indiana. After living in the state for a year, an application can be submitted with proof of expenses.

State representative Martin Carbaugh (R-Fort Wayne) wrote the bill. He says the concept of remote work has dramatically increase throughout the pandemic and has been evolving over the last few years. This bill is a way to take advantage of what’s happening and keep the local economy thriving.

“When people come here and take a look at all we have to offer, they really end up wanting to stay,” Carbaugh said. “In fact, it’s a great place to save money and it’s a great place to raise a family. This millennial generation is starting to expand with their families. Indiana should be the first place they look. We’re hoping to have this incentive to bring them here.”

Lawmakers are asking the Indiana Destination Development Corporation to administer the program. Carbaugh is proposing it start with $1.5 million for the first two years. He says $500,000 would go towards establishing and promoting the program. In the first fiscal year, $400,000 would go towards grants and in year two it would increase to $600,000.

The bill passed the House Committee on Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development. It now heads to another house committee for consideration. If passed, the bill would be effective July 1, 2021.