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Protecting information at “Cyber Insecurity” forum

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Community members and health care professionals gathered to learn how they can avoid a data breach at a public forum held Tuesday.  The forum was called “Cyber Insecurity” and was hosted by the MESH Coalition.

Those who attended were taught key points of vulnerability, so they would know how to better protect private information.

“It is imperative that all organizations take cyber security seriously. Maintaining a healthy, protected and functioning network is critical not only to the daily operations of healthcare organizations but also for the long term ability of an agency to function,” said MESH Coalition CEO Tim Stephens.

“You have to bring security into everything you do. It’s important that all employees receive proper training. Evolving technology isn’t always the problem, sometimes business procedure changes are needed to make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to said,” Robert Hayes with Microsoft.

Cyber security experts say this year marked one of the worst data breach attacks in the health care industry.  That breach, at Indianapolis-based Anthem, affected some 80 million customers.

According to the Director of Cyber Security for Microsoft, properly training all employees is key and so is adding protective software to evolving technology.

Hayes recommended patching all computers by installing a software that will patches any vulnerabilities detected.

Experts recommend installing Anti-Virus protection software.

Most importantly, experts say the best protection is staying aware of what you click on.

“The number one issues happen when someone opens a message from someone they don’t know,” said Robert Hayes with Microsoft.