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Protecting your money, trip during coronavirus concerns

Traveling and coronavirus

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Rising concerns over the coronavirus have the travel industry trying to figure out what to do next.

Naturally, people traveling are concerned about their health and travel plans.

Over the past few days, several major airlines have been offering help.

American Airlines told customers that it would waive change fees on all tickets bought between March 1 and 16.

Delta Airlines also said they are dropping change fees for the entire month.

News 8’s Angeli Kakade recently spoke to Seven Travel Insurance Company in Carmel who told her they’ve have a 60% increase in calls over the last week.

People are asking how they can protect their trips and the money they have already spent.

“Even if they’re not concerned or the area they’re going to hasn’t been impacted yet, the concern is, ‘hey, what if? What if there’s a larger outbreak than what we’ve seen so far? What if I have a trip to France and even though there isn’t a break there what if there is? What if I just don’t want to go later?’ Those are some of the concerns we’re hearing,” said Jeremy Murchland, President of Seven Corners.

Murchland advises to first check with your airline if a flight has been canceled.

Still, he also says travel insurance is a good idea if overseas travel is required.

“Insurance protects most non-refundable costs. That includes hotels, resort fees and even medical evacuation, if quarantined,” said Murchland.

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