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Public Works salt trucks hit streets as temperatures drop

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – As temperatures drop and slick roads turn to ice, Indianapolis Department of Public Works crews are headed out for a long night of salting streets. 

Crews will focus on bridges and main roads. Trucks have already been out on the roads Thursday. A total of 78 salt trucks started treating roads earlier in the afternoon. A new wave of 78 trucks will head out at 11 p.m.

A Public Works news release said that number is just shy of the department’s full callout for salt trucks.
The department is asking drivers to stay at least three car lengths from salt trucks while on the road.

“The trucks can throw up snow clouds which could impair your vision, and they are probably dropping salt from the back which could damage your car,” said Public Works spokesperson Charnay Pickett. “So, we ask that you keep that space. Also, since our trucks weigh up to 33 tons they require extra time to stop. So we want to make sure everyone is safe and that extra space between the car and truck provides that extra safety.”

You can keep an eye on the areas Public Works is treating by using the Indy Snow Force Viewer

The map shows real time movements of Public Works trucks, displays which streets have been treated with salt or plowed of snow, and how long ago they were treated.