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Reel Tok with Kayla: “Busy Toddler” advice for Spring Break

Reel Tok with Kayla: The Instagram account known as “Busy Toddler” is a must for parents looking for easy activities for their children. What I love about this social media content creator is how most of her content doesn’t cost money to implement.

On Allan’s spring break, I’m looking for activities to keep him off his electronics. We utilized Busy Toddler’s suggestion to make a sensory bin filled with rice and dump old puzzles inside. It worked! Allan finally got interested in puzzles again. I added expired cereal and oatmeal to mine since I didn’t have a lot of rice on hand. This was awesome because those expired items would have just been thrown away but now they have found a new life!

If you’d like to invest in something a little more intricate for the kids this spring break, Declan’s Mining Co is also a great option!

These bins are filled with tiny dinosaurs, gems, minerals and rocks. You can custom order them for whatever your child is into!

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