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Residents voice concern on 5 Points project

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A new construction project in Marion County has some people concerned about the long summer months ahead.

Many people living near the 5 Points Road and Thompson Road in Franklin Township say they have had enough with the bad traffic.

Construction doesn’t start until May, but it’s already causing headaches for some drivers.

“This is a very, very busy area a lot of traffic back up,” said Erin Wharton, resident.

Dozens of drivers were trying to make it home during the rush hour Thursday evening.

Erin Wharton lives near 5 Points Road and Thompson Road. She says she tries to avoid the four way stop whenever possible.

“There are times we can’t even get out of the parking lot out of the neighborhood where we live to go south,” said Wharton. “We have to go north just to go south.”

Wharton is just one of dozens of people attending an “open house” at Landmark Baptist Church.

The city’s Department of Public Works hosted the informal meeting. The session gave residents a chance to ask about the $1.6 million dollar construction.

“Our backyard actually faces 5 Points so is it going to cut into any of the common area? Just how far is the traffic going to come back to our area?” said Wharton.

But for Linda Gay, her main concern is for the safety of children. She runs a daycare operation at the church and looks after 120 kids with a staff of 18.

“We have a playground area, but we also play in the parking area. We have the bigger kids and the school age kids and we have our summer camps,” said Linda Gay.

Gay says it’s been a constant problem with drivers speeding through the intersection and taking short cuts.

She’s just hoping that drivers will slow down once constructions starts.

“It’s already beginning where they’re flying through the parking lot,” said Gay.

A city’s spokesperson says the intersection will be closed for 45 days. Crews have already been preparing the land for construction.

“We’re hoping this one lane roundabout will facilitate that traffic a lot better, make that intersection a lot easier for people to go through,” said Benjamin Easley, Indianapolis Department of Public Works.

Easley says this project is just one of two scheduled for this year. The second will be over at the intersection of 46th and German Church Road.

Drivers will be asked to find an alternative route during the closure. The detour will be from Edgewood to Franklin to Southeastern to Hanna going north on 5 Points.

The city says they will not be routing traffic through housing additions.