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Retiring CEO reflects on 8 years leading Humane Society of Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It’s no easy task helping match pets with people and making everyone happy. For the past eight years, that task has been the responsibility of John Aleshire, CEO of the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

After taking over as CEO in 2008, Aleshire is retiring later this year.

When he started, Aleshire said IndyHumane was “broken.” The organization was over $3 million in debt.

In just a couple years, Aleshire guided IndyHumane out of debt and into the black.

“We had really three things to fix,” Aleshire said. “One is the finance. The second was our faith to the animals. And then, also, we needed to pay homage to our donors, the people who are there for us. We needed to make them happy and to be proud again.”

Aleshire’s last day will be September 30. He said he wanted to allow IndyHumane time to make a smooth transition.

“I want them to have a solid transition. I want people to feel good and confident,” Aleshire said. “Everybody wants that to be done well.”

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