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‘Ripped out of our hands’: High school seniors reflect on lost moments amid virus fears

High school seniors missing out because of virus

AVON, Ind. (WISH) — Prom, graduation, senior nights: They’re memory-making experiences for high school seniors. But some seniors worry about missing out as schools remain closed and gatherings are restricted to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Students may only be in school for a couple more weeks this year. That sounds great for some kids, but many students are missing out on more than just a day in the classroom.

High school seniors see the empty parking lots and sports fields and are trying their best not to feel an emptiness themselves as they think about what they’re missing at school.

“Everyone just needs to stay positive, hope for the best and take care of yourself because I know this is going to be really hard,” Michaela DiPalmo, an Avon High School senior said.

As school gets pushed back further and further, there’s a lot of disappointment.

“It’s kind of just being ripped out of our hands,” DiPalmo said. “It’s just really heartbreaking to just watch our senior year just kind of, like, crumble to pieces.”

With that final year of high school come moments like prom that students have heard about for years but may never get a chance to attend.

“We’ve worked our entire lives for these moments,” Delaney Kirby, Avon High School senior, said. “I’m the youngest of five. So I got to see all my siblings have these great memories and just to think that that could not happen for me when I’ve been waiting my whole life to be just like my siblings, it’s just kind of disappointing.”

As the cancellations keep up, some seniors fear they’ve already seen their last day of school.

“You need to, like, prepare for your last day of school,” said Dorian Keys, a senior at Brownsburg High School. “Like, the last time seeing your teachers, even some of your classmates, you’ll never see them again. I feel like you always need that last time when you know it’s your last time seeing them.”

The seniors say prom, graduation and seeing friends may not seem like the most important issue during a quarantine, but it’s something deeply personal to them.

“I hope that people start following the regulations concerning the virus so that way it clears up enough for us to go back to school on the first,” Kirby said. “Because we need that last month to spend time with our friends before we all go our separate ways and possibly never see each other again.”

The seniors say they hope they can find a way to make up for some of these events later if they do get canceled, but they hope it doesn’t come down to that.