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Roncalli wrestling team hopes for record-breaking state finals

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – In less than 48 hours, the high school wrestling season will come to an end. One final test remains for Roncalli High School’s team: state finals.

“We’ve just got to come in and get our jobs done and just look forward to the next match. Not look ahead, and not look over our opponents that we may or may not think is bettter than us. But always just looking for that next match,” said Alec Viduya, who wrestles on the team.

Roncalli set a school record in 2018 by sending four wrestlers to the state finals. This year, the Rebels outdid themselves, sending five wrestlers to compete in the state finals this weekend, making this the best wrestling team at Roncalli in nearly a decade.

“The Newcastle semi-state is known as … everybody calls it a meatgrinder. That’s the one we have to go through; that’s the way we like it. So our guys are battle-tested, they’re ready for the state finals. Getting five through was a big deal,” said head wrestling coach Wade McClurg.

It’s an accomplishment for Brayden Lowery, Alec Viduya, Tyce Freije, Elijah Mahan and John Harris, who will compete in the state finals. Although wrestling is an individual sport, the Rebels’ camaraderie as a team has aided in everyone’s success.

“We, like, feed off of each other. If one person gets a fall, then it, like, changes momentum in the duel and it’s an awesome feeling,” said Brayden Lowery.

The Rebels hope to carry that feeling over into state finals.