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Scotty’s Brewhouse honored for hiring, employing those with disabilities

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A local business is hoping to set a good example for others through its hiring process.

Scotty’s Brewhouse just received a national award for hiring those with disabilities.

President and CEO Scott Wise is very humble about this honor and doesn’t feel like doing the right thing warrants an award.

But he hopes this can at least get the word out and challenge other companies to be good corporate citizens as well.

Kelly and Nash just started working at Scotty’s Brewhouse this year and already feel at home.

They’re loved by their coworkers and their boss, Scott Wise.

“It went over so well and it was so just heartwarming to see what was happening,” Wise said.

For the last two years, his company has been making it a point to hire employees with mental and physical challenges.

The effort began with a partnership with The Arc of Indiana for a training facility in Muncie at Three Wise Men brewing company.

Then Wise decided it was so successful that he wanted to expand the hiring initiative company-wide.

“I was just blessed with an opportunity to help other people and if anything I think this shines the light for businesses all over that recognizes that you can give people a chance and they can actually do great things,” Wise said.

“I like working here so much, so Scotty’s Brewhouse is the best place to be here,” employee Kelly Kaser said.

Kelly works as a host at the 96th Street location and Nash works as a host at the Noblesville location.

Nash’s dad, Jeff Huffman, said this job means so much to his 15-year-old son.

“It’s exciting for him to get a check and get his direct deposit and know that he can grab his debit card and go bowling,” he said.

“It’s a very typical situation, which is very untypical for folks with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” he said.

Huffman nominated Scott for the award he just received, the Ruderman Best in Business Award for inclusive hiring, supporting and employing people with disabilities.

“I just feel like there’s this whole pool of people that are not just willing, they want an opportunity, they just want a chance,” Wise said, “And for the longest time people aren’t giving them the chance.”

“Their parents are great people to allow me to help touch their lives a little bit, I’m just honored to be a part of it,” Wise said.

Scotty’s Brewhouse currently has about six percent staff with mental or physical challenges.

Scott Wise’s goal is getting that up to 10 percent by next year.