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Skimmers found at 2 local ATMs; police investigate

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Police are trying to figure out how two debit card skimmers wound up on two Teachers Credit Union ATMs more than a dozen miles from each other on the same day.

The skimmers were found Tuesday at the Avon branch and the North Meridian branch in Indianapolis.

A skimmer is an illegal device installed by a thief to intercept someone’s card information. The bank said their security cameras show someone tampering with the machine on North Meridian Street.

Customers like Orlando Jones are double-checking their recent transactions.

“The Ten Commandments, baby. Thou shalt not steal,” Jones said. “People have been stealing since the beginning of time, and, whatever the technology is that prevails for them to do it, they’re gonna use it.”

The staff at the Meridian Street branch noticed a spike in customers’ fraud reports. They checked the ATM and found a skimmer on Tuesday.

That same day, a customer found a skimmer at the Avon branch.

Teachers Credit Union spokesperson Jon Glesing said police are watching security tapes, trying to figure out who installed the skimmers and when.

“There is an eye, and we are watching,” Glesing said.

Everyone affected will get their money back, according to Glesing.

“We put our best effort into making sure information is protected, security is not comprised and that we provide the great service that we always have to our members,” he said.

Skimming is causing so many headaches, Ricker’s gas stations spent thousands of dollars on alarms that notify workers when someone opens a pump.

But Jones is one customer who says there’s only so much a company can do.

“A thief is a thief,” he said. “What can they do? The only thing left to do is start chipping people, and nobody wants that.”

TCU is encouraging everyone to report anything that looks unusual at an ATM, keep a close watch on recent charges, immediately file a fraud report if you suspect someone’s gotten into your account and be sure to cancel the cards and get new ones.

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