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Some call for personnel at recruitment centers to be armed

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter announced plans to introduce a bill that would allow military personnel at recruitment centers to be armed.

Military bases and training centers are just some of the departments that have armed security.

“The military and law enforcement have become a target or a threat. (They) have been part of a threat stream across the country,” said Gary Coons of The Department of Homeland Security.

Thursday’s attack didn’t happen at a military base or training center. The gunman targeted recruitment centers where personnel isn’t armed. Many question, should they be?

“I think they should for the safety of themselves. They also have families and they should be able to protect themselves against anyone that could come in and hurt them,” said Alex Macy, who supports armed security at recruitment offices.

Jeff Koleszar also believe they should be armed.

“It seems like they’re being targeted or potentially could be targeted. If they have the ability to protect themselves, I think they should,” he said.

Coons says it’s an important question given the increased violence against troops.

“It’s a policy for Washington and the military to decide whether they are armed or not. We do have a current threat against military and law enforcement that is going across the country. So, it’s a policy they are going to have to make from Washington,” said Coons.

It’s a decision, regardless of what choice is made, that comes too late for the four marines who senselessly lost their lives.

“It’s horrible that the people who are fighting for us are being killed on their homelands. We should have better ways to protect them,” said Daniel LaPort.

Retired Major Umbarger led the state’s Army and Air National Guard for 11 years. He didn’t want to go on camera but did say the policy is not to arm civilian personnel, but after Thursday’s events, it’s time to reevaluate the policy.