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Spencer community comes together to help in search

SPENCER, Ind. (WISH) — On Thursday, there were many missing child posters hung and water offered to search teams.

By Friday those posters had been taken down, but the support for the search crews and Shaylyn’s family is going strong.

Sharon Close had prayed for a different outcome to the search for Shaylyn.

“I figured they would find her eventually, I was just hoping she’d be alive,” she said

We caught up with her Thursday, when she had missing child posters hung up around her business.

She was also offering free haircuts for search crews.

“They’re all heartbroken too because we all have families and little kids and grandkids,” she said.

She’s been really glad to see others in the town offer to help as well.

“From police officers, people wanting to buy their lunch and do whatever they can to help out,” she said.

Donations of water and food came into the fire department while the search was on going. Dairy Queen offered free biscuits and gravy and soft drinks for law enforcement.

“I’m glad our town actually did that to help them out. I mean, that’s awesome we could help them out try to help police officers stay hydrated while they’re out in the hot sun,” manager Amanda Terrell said.

Amanda Terrell gives all credit for the search effort to those in uniform.

“Our sheriff’s department, our police down here, our fire and rescue team, they all pulled together,” she said.

Close said she’s amazed at how so many people in Spencer came together for a common cause this week.

“I’m really proud to be part of this kind of community because they’ve all done so much for each other,” Close said.