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State Police hit back against allegations of voter suppression

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Indiana State Police have hit back against allegations of voter suppression from Patriot Majority USA.

ISP has called them “completely false” going on to say that it has uncovered intentional acts of voter fraud.

On October 4, Indiana State Police raided the offices of the Indiana Voter Registration Project.

A spokeswoman for the group said it was politically motivated by Secretary of State Connie Lawson and her friends in the Indiana State Police.

The group also states that the investigation is aimed at undermining urban black voters.

ISP released the following statement from Captain David Bursten:

Every allegation by Patriot Majority USA against the Indiana State Police is completely false. In fact, it is clear from evidence documented to date that we have uncovered intentional acts of fraud by representatives of Patriot Majority USA. The Indiana State Police is charged with enforcing the laws of the state of Indiana and we are determined to protect the integrity of the election and every citizens’ right to vote.

In August of this year, an investigation got underway after Hendricks County Voter Registration Officials contacted ISP after receiving voter application forms that appeared to have been fraudulent or forged.

“False names are being put with real addresses, real names are being put with wrong address,” said Indiana State Police Captain Dave Bursten.

In addition to Hendricks County, police have now said the investigation has expanded to 56 Indiana counties.

A spokesman for Gov. Pence released the following statement concerning the allegations against ISP:

These allegations are completely false and beyond absurd. In fact, the Indiana State Police has uncovered strong evidence of voter fraud by Patriot Majority USA. Among Governor Pence’s top priorities is ensuring the integrity of the election and that every single Hoosier vote counts. He has full confidence in the Indiana State Police investigation to achieve this goal.