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Sunday alcohol sales bill dies in committee

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Hoosiers interested in buying alcohol on Sundays will have to keep waiting.

A new bill taken up in the Statehouse that would have allowed for the purchase of alcohol in stores on Sundays died in committee Wednesday morning.

The House committee voted 5-8 on the measure, stopping it from moving forward.

“It’s all about customer convenience,” said Grant Monahan of the Indiana Retail Council. “That’s been our motivation all along. For our customers we’re disappointed. We’ll try our best to keep the issue alive moving forward.”

The owners of package liquor stores fought the proposal.

“Package stores are at an inherent disadvantage because of the laws and regulations we’ve been given,” said Patrick Tamm of the Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers, “and unfortunately we’ve built our businesses based and we’ve relied on those laws for over 80 years.”