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Take a tour of Indianapolis Zoo’s new Kangaroo Crossing exhibit

“Life. Style. Live!” host Randall Newsome got the chance to mix and mingle with the new mob of red kangaroos and cockatoos at the Indianapolis Zoo’s new Kangaroo Crossing exhibit.

The Zoo’s newest animals, red kangaroos, will offer a feeling of Australia right here in Indianapolis.

The new exhibit gives guests an up-close experience where they will get to interact with a variety of unique Australian species, like kangaroos and cockatoos.

Visitors walk into a large open area without fencing or other barriers. Kangaroos will roam freely in the space as stunning and unique birds fly overhead.

Lucky guests will get to pet a kangaroo. Keep in mind, the best way to approach is slowly from behind and gently pet on the back, not the face or ears.

Kangaroos are the largest land mammal native to Australia. The red kangaroo is just one of about 60 species of kangaroos and their smaller relatives (wallabies, bettongs and potoroos) found in Australia. Many of those other relative species are now threatened or extinct.

In the Zoo’s open-air habitat, guests will have a perfect opportunity to snap a selfie from just feet away from red kangaroos and cockatoos while learning about the threats these species face in the wild. 

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