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Target spending $20 million to add private restrooms to stores

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Target will have private restrooms in all stores by next year. Also AT&T is boosting service in Indiana.

Jane King joined daybreak to talk about Thursday morning’s business headlines.

Target says it will spend $20 million to make sure private bathroom options are soon available in all 18,000 Target locations.

According to the Wall Street Journal, only around 300 target stores currently lack a single-occupancy restroom. By November of this year, 277 of those stores will be updated to include this option, while the remaining 20 target stores will get the single-person bathrooms by March 2017.

The retailer came under fire from some shoppers who were unhappy with Target’s decision to allow transgender people whichever restroom they feel most comfortable.

In other business headlines, the era of telecommunication carriers charging you once you top the data limit is finally coming to a close.

AT&T announced new mobile share advantage plans that won’t charge you extra for going over your data limit, instead slowing down your data for the remainder of your billing month.

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