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Tattoo shop honors slain officer with thin blue line

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A tattoo shop on the west side is doing something special to honor the life of Southport police Lt. Aaron Allan.

Prestige Body Arts is offering thin blue line tattoos for law enforcement and their immediate family at no cost.

The owners, James Sale and Jason Dempsey, told 24-Hour News 8 that they wanted to help in any way they can and to give back to their community.

“It was really supposed to be something small. It was suppose to be just, like, let’s do something to help out a little bit,” Sale said.

Many people in law enforcement have asked about the thin blue line tattoo in phone calls and messages.

“They’re so appreciative, and I mean that’s the first thing you hear when we answer the phone at Prestige Body Arts,” Dempsey said. “I just want to thank you guys so much for what you’re doing, supporting us, and, you know, that’s how 90 percent of the calls start out and that’s really what it was for.”

The tattoo comes in five different designs and you can customize it. The owners are just asking for people to make a donation in return to help Allan’s family.

“At the end of the day, we’re just people. We just want to help. We want everybody to know that we care. That’s what it’s all about,” Sale said.

Each room at Prestige Body Arts on Monday evening told a story of honor and remembrance for Allan.

“As soon as I saw the Facebook post yesterday that Prestige Body Arts put out I knew I had to come get a tattoo not just for officer Allan, but for the law enforcement community as a whole, for the police officers, their families, their wives,” said Brandi Jackson, who got a thin blue line tattoo.

For Jackson, there’s a personal connection. Her husband is also a police officer with Southport.

“I’m nervous just because of the needle but doing it for the right reasons,” she said.

She decided to go with a blue and black double heart design with a special meaning.

“I like the design and the colors for me represent the blue for all the current law enforcement officers around the country and black for all the fallen officers,” she said.

The tattoo is her first in seven years. She said it will serve as a reminder in her everyday life that no matter where you go or what you do that you never forget the people who serve and protect you.

“Whenever I see it (the tattoo), it just reminds me to be thankful for not just law enforcement but all first responders,” Jackson said. “Just kind of a rule liner that, you know, they go about their business everyday, put their lives on the line for all of us, and most of the time they get taken for granted, so just kind of to remember that and support them.”

The community lost an officer who went above and beyond to help others, even in his final moments of life.

“It’s just sad that an occasion like this sometimes it takes that to bring a community closer but it’s definitely closer,” she said.

The owners said officers from across the state can stop in from now until Aug. 6 and you don’t have to schedule an appointment.

As of Monday evening, they raised more than $1,000.

Prestige Body Arts is at 3436 W. 16th St., east of Tibbs Avenue. You can call the shop at (317) 602- 8186.

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