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Ten Point Coalition working to prevent crime as warm weather approaches

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indy Ten Point Coalition is working to keep the peace in some of the city’s high crime neighborhoods as warm weather approaches.

Abandoned homes can be seen along West 30th Street Tuesday evening. Some people living in the United Northwest Area didn’t feel comfortable going on camera in fear of retaliation, but admit something needs to be done.

“Well, the concern is as it gets warmer you have a lot more visible activity in the neighborhoods,” said Rev. Harrison, United Barnes Methodist Church.

Rev. Harrison and his group are planning to ramp up efforts because of the warm days ahead.

He said they will continue to reach out to people in some of those high crime neighborhoods to get them back on the right track.

“But for those who we’re not able to reach, our challenge is how do we deal with the street conflicts?” said Rev. Harrison. “Because the street conflicts is what escalates and leads to the gun violence and people being seriously injured or killed.”

He added, “We spend a lot of time doing what we call street mediation trying to resolve those conflicts without them escalating to the gun violence and that’s a daily challenge that we have.”

The Indy Ten Point Coalition, with help from residents and police has seen great success in neighborhoods like Butler-Tarkington, Crown Hill, and the United Northwest Area.

Rev. Harrison said those neighborhoods are now going on almost four to five months with no homicides.

“We are trying to keep the momentum going and it’s going to get challenging now as the weather warm up,” said Rev. Harrison.

Rev. Harrison said the key to prevention is engagement. He said his group can’t do it alone.

“It’s important for the community to get involved like what you see in those three neighborhoods,” said Rev. Harrison. “You have really seen residents in those neighborhoods really step up to help out and trying to keep the peace in those neighborhoods.”

Rev. Harrison knows the days ahead will be tough. He said if everyone works together, they can get the job done.

“What we’re trying to do as an organization is to ramp up our efforts to help,” Rev. Harrison said. “All we’re doing is helping and I think we do a good job at helping to calm some things that police may not be aware of.”

The Indy Ten Point Coalition has already teamed up with EmployIndy and WorkOne to provide resources for those looking for employment. Harrison hopes this will be another outlet to help deter crime.

A Commander for the north district said they will continue to work with community groups and other agencies.

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