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The story behind a photo of adorable babies at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WISH) — A photo of eight babies positioned perfectly in front of the pagoda at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is taking the internet by storm.

The babies are all around 10 months old. Their parents wanted to take the picture at IMS because the Indy 500 is this week and because it is such an iconic place.

It is not the first time the babies have been photographed together.

Back in September, the moms of the babies got together for a brunch.

“The idea stemmed from several of us knowing each other through like one degree of separation. A couple of us have gone to high school together, several of us have husbands that work together, we also had some sisters-in-law that knew each other and friends and some of us were friends before and we all knew we were having babies and we were all on maternity, and when you’re up all night, 10 a.m. seemed like a good time for a cocktail. So, I had everybody over and we had some mimosas at my house,” said Amy Spillman.

They snapped a picture of the babies not knowing that there would be many more pictures to come.

The babies have been photographed in Santa suits, as leprechauns and as Easter bunnies.

As the pictures continue to get better, so does the friendship between the babies and their moms.

“I wasn’t really expecting to gain a whole new group of friends and friend babies, but it’s just been awesome to have a sounding board and people to support you through the tough times of being a new mom, and it’s just been great,” said Rachel Milstead.

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