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The struggle of kids not sleeping in their own bed

Kid-ing with Kayla — Kids are notorious for not wanting to sleep in their own bed. When they do manage to get into bed with mom and dad, the results can be painful for the parents. WISH-TV Specialty Reporter Kayla Sullivan reported on the kind of sleep she gets when her toddler is next to her.

On “Life.Style.Live!,” Kayla gave some tips on how to try and get your little one to want to sleep alone.

  • Nightlight
  • Sound Machine
  • Staying on the same bedtime routine
  • Spraying the child’s pillow with your perfume or cologne
  • Make your child’s room sleep friendly (favorite characters, comfy temperature, fun themed bed)
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Playing music
  • Setting water next to the bed

On All Indiana, Kayla put Randall Newsome to the test! She challenged him to get out of bed without waking the child and set out traps on the way to the door.

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