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These drivers expected tickets but got a WISH Patrol surprise

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It’s that time of year when you might get pulled over for a traffic violation and end up with a payday instead of a headache. 

The WISH Patrol’s holiday giveaway hit the streets of Indianapolis again this year. 

And the surprises were just as big as the payout. 

Northview Church partnered with WISH-TV this year to give $500 each to 10 lucky drivers, pulled over for traffic violations.

Steve Poe, senior pastor at Northview Church, said he knows for a lot of people, a gift instead of guilt behind the wheel will bring just the hope that this season is all about. 

“There are so many people that are struggling this time of year. Anytime we have the opportunity to bless the community or bless individuals, I think we’re being a reflection of Christ,” Poe said.

The WISH Patrol headed out with our partners in giving, Northview Church and the fine officers of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. 

The officer’s job? To pull over drivers who violated traffic laws, like Anthony, who was driving a little too fast. 

“I know Christmas can be difficult so instead of a ticket we wanted to bless you with $500, man,” Poe said. 

“Is this live right now? How y’all doing? It’s a crazy day. My mother’s water just got cut off yesterday. She needs this so bad. God bless y’all. God bless y’all. I’m in shock right now. Now I will slow down too. I promise. I promise.”

The drivers were all different, but all shared disbelief. 

But the surprise that stopped us all in our tracks was a man whose wife explained that he just lost his job. 

Through hugs a message was sent: There is hope in the hard times, a way forward, even when you forget to use your turn signal. 

Watch the video for all the other great WISH Patrol surprises. 

If you want to nominate an individual for a future WISH Patrol, click here.