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Thieves caught on camera breaking into vaping business

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The owner of a vape shop on the west side says his store has been burglarized twice in two weeks and his surveillance cameras have captured the thieves in the act.

William Tillberry said his shop, Tillberry’s Vaping Elixirs at 4808 West Washington Street, was burglarized sometime between 11 p.m. Saturday and midnight.

Now he is offering a $500 reward to anyone with information leading to an arrest.

Surveillance video shows one suspect throw a rock to break in the front door, then reach in and unlock the door handle.

Two people are seen shattering several showcases and stealing items inside.

Tillberry told News 8 that vaporizers, liquid and a video game console were some of the merchandise stolen. The thieves also got away with a cash register that had up to $400 inside.

“This time it’s probably about $5,000 (in damages). It’s like $700 for the door and then being closed for two days and then the cases are like $600 a case. That adds up,” Tillberry said.

Tillberry believes the suspects in the video are the same ones who burglarized his shop two weeks ago. He just wants them to be caught.

“They don’t care how much damage it’s costing you for them to get just a couple hundred dollars’ worth of stuff. Thousands in damages for just $200 in product,” he said.

Other businesses nearby said they’ve been targets for theft, too.

Fred Fraizer, who owns Fred’s Auto Repair across the street, said customers’ cars left overnight have been broken into.

“You get your car window broke out at Fred’s, you’re not gonna come back. Even though I replace them, it’s just bad business,” said Frazier.

Many small businesses along West Washington Street said these crimes happen several times a month. Business owners hope the people caught on surveillance are found soon.

“You put in a lot of hours to make the store nice, to make it inviting where people want to come in, keep it clean and you get a phone call telling you the door is busted and all the work that you’ve done is now taken,” Tillberry said.

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