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Torn ACL won’t keep 76-year-old from running 3rd consecutive Boston Marathon

NEW BOSTON, N.H. (CNN) — Jo Ann McCalister will be running in her third consecutive Boston Marathon on Monday. 

The New Boston, New Hampshire woman is 76 years old and she isn’t letting a recent injury stand in her way of crossing the finish line. 

McCalister tore her ACL two months ago while skiing. 

“I was devastated and I kept telling everybody at the critical care, I wanna do the marathon, I wanna do the Boston,” said Jo Ann McCalister.

The injury didn’t require surgery, but it did put her on crutches and her doctor said she wouldn’t be able to run the Boston Marathon this year. But, Jo Ann isn’t giving up.

Last year Jo Ann finished second in her age group and this year she is hopeful to finish within the six-hour time limit.