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Uber, Lyft drivers raise money for families after deadly crashes

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A group of Uber and Lyft drivers are raising money for the families of two Uber drivers killed in separate crashes Sunday morning.

Around 3 a.m., a crash killed a 29-year-old Uber driver named Blair Edmonds. A second crash, aboout an hour later, killed Uber driver Jeff Monroe and Monroe’s passenger, Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson.

Local driver Chad Miller said Monroe was a man with a contagious smile — a fellow driver who’d laugh and joke with Miller as they waited for rides at the airport.

“It’s a brotherhood of drivers because we all help each other out,” Miller said. “To have this happen, it really struck home.”

Police said Monroe pulled over Sunday morning to help Jackson, who got sick. Monroe and Jackson were standing outside when police say a drunk driver hit them.

Lawrence police said a separate, head-on crash killed 40-year-old Jimmy Brown and Edmonds. Lawrence detectives said they smelled alcohol in Brown’s car.

“You’ve got colleagues, friends, that wish they could have those people back and they can’t,” Miller said.

Now Miller and a group of local drivers plans to sell $10 stickers to other drivers, in memory of Edmonds and Monroe. The goal is two-fold: raise money for the families fighting through tragedy and raise awareness by sharing their stories.

“Why would you get behind the wheel and drive drunk?,” Uber driver Michael Leslie said. “There’s no reason for it. A lot of Uber drivers and Lyft drivers, the reason we do this is to help get people home safely.”

“We’re competitors, we’re colleagues, but when it comes down to it,” Miller said. “our fellow drivers are our extended families.”

Police said they saw stickers on Edmonds’ car for both Uber and Lyft. Both companies have released statements expressing their sadness over the crash.

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