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True crime podcast details 1977 Indianapolis hostage incident

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Forty-five years ago, Tony Kiritsis held Dick Hall hostage for 63 hours.

It’s a story that rocked Indianapolis and the nation.

That story has become the focus of a new podcast series called “American Hostage” starring Jon Hamm.

The podcast’s director and producer, Shawn Christensen, joined News 8’s Phil Sanchez on Thursday night’s “Unphiltered” to explain how the idea came about.

“We were in the middle of, you know, the pandemic, and we were trying to basically find a way to have actors being able to act without having to report to set you know, and so we were looking for crime,” Christensen said. “We’re looking for crime entities fiction, you know, stories that we could tell and just audio. And this seemed like a good story to tell and just audio. It also had a really great theme. It feels like it resonates today.”

“American Hostage” is available on Wondery and Amazon Music. It releases on other platforms on Tuesday.