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Video shows close encounter with whales near Treasure Island

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – KRON has obtained stunning video of a close encounter with a group of whales in the Bay.

On Monday night, KRON talked to the woman who shot the video near Treasure Island.

The woman who shot the video said the plan was to go kayaking with her Petaluma paddle group on Sunday. They did go kayaking, but they never expected to see the 45-minute whale show they ended up getting.

“I just kind of sat and watched,” Lyrinda Snyderman said. “And at one point, the whales appeared very close to us. We didn’t come to them. But they came to us. And it was startling.”

Experts said we are seeing whales earlier in the season than when we usually see them. They are also coming closer to shorelines, experts said.

Watch the above video to see J.R. Stone’s full report.