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Virginia town hosting VP debate uses novelty to entertain locals

FARMVILLE, Va (WISH) – People living in the town hosting the vice presidential debate are still learning about the candidates, and having a fun time doing it.

More than a year ago, Longwood University was named the debate site. Since then, the campus and town have been working to get ready.

The community is flexing its American spirit. It touts itself as historic, but some local struggle with modern history.

Farmville resident, Brandon Cheung knows what eggs to order at Walker’s Diner, but when its comes to Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence, he’s at a loss.

“I know nothing,” Cheung said. “I’m sorry.”

That’s not to say things can’t change. Local owners are providing neighbors name recognition.

“We got the sugar “Kaine” soda, which is an Italian soda, and then we have the pumpkin “Pence” latte,” Uptown Coffee Cade owner, Jason Mattox said.

Mattox came up with the idea. A bold concept to help the town’s 8,000 neighbors get through the day.

“Some people are wishing it was over just because of the planning and of the fear of the unknown we all had,” Mattox said.

That explains a t-shirt floating around town. is busy printing, “I survived the 2016 VP debate.”

With more than 300 officers, and 3,000 reporters, owner Anthony DeMarco felt the shirt was fitting.

“In this little town, it’s a big deal, and everybody needs to survive it,” DeMarco said.

A rare shirt, Demarco thinks could be this week’s money maker. “I hope so,” DeMarco said.

As to whether, shirt, soda, or latte sales should persuade you, locals said stick to the answers you’ll hear on stage. “Not a scientific poll, don’t bet the ranch on it,” Mattox said.