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Wet and icy roadways could linger into Monday morning

Drew Sunday


Sunday evening will be a wet one. Travel will likely be impacted but not too poorly. Most of this snow is expected to melt, even off northwest. However, anytime roads become slippery we inevitably see tons of accidents in central Indiana. So be careful if you plan on heading out on the roads tomorrow morning.

This will be an evening where clouds and precipitation move out over time. It will be an even colder evening as skies clear out in the evening. As a result, temperatures will drop to the mid 20s tomorrow night. Wind out of the west at 10 MPH.


Monday will be clear by the late afternoon hours with a few clouds in the morning. Temperatures will only make it to about the freezing mark by the afternoon as a high temperature. Winds heavy out of the west at 10-15 MPH.


Skies will remain clear in the Monday evening hours so expect things to get very cold by Tuesday morning. Wind will be out of the west at 10 MPH, a good fortune for those who don’t want it to get too cold. Without the wind being 10 MPH or any direction other than out of the north, we could be looking at temps in the low 10s. Instead, we’re likely in the upper 10s by Tuesday morning in all likelihood.


Tuesday will continue to be sunny but it will also likely be the coldest day of the week with a high temperature of 31 degrees or so. Wind out of the west at 5-10 MPH.


After some sunny days back-to-back, temperatures will rebound back into the mid 40s. Clouds will make their way back into the skies by Thursday or Friday of next week. We could even see some precipitation sneak in as well as we make our way towards the end of the week. The weekend looks like it could be wet and rainy as well with Sunday being when it looks like the rain is more likely to return.