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What did fmr. US surgeon general and WISH med. expert says about 3 years of COVID

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Wednesday marked three years since states started shutting down to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Jerome Adams, the WISH-TV medical expert and a former U.S. surgeon general, said on News 8, “It really was when the NCAA tournament got canceled that this became real for people.”

Adams says we are in a better place right now because there is access to personal protective equipment, masks, gowns, vaccinations and testing options. “So you’ve got a lower spread now. You have tools available for people to protect themselves.”

Study: Getting vaccine while pregnant protects infant

A new study shows that getting a vaccine if you are a pregnant woman protects the infant.

“When you get vaccinated, when you’re pregnant, you can pass along those antibodies to your child. So, it can protect you from a number of different diseases as an individual, but it gives your child protection until they can become vaccinated,” he said.

Minimizing long-term COVID-19 symptoms

A survey of more than 15,00 people found that those with long COVID-19 symptoms were more likely to be unemployed.

“If you are having long-term symptoms, symptoms that include brain fog that include fatigue, causing heart or lung issues, you’re not going to be able to work,” Adams said.

Adams says that the best advice is to avoid long COVID-19 in the first place by minimizing your chances by getting vaccinated, for instance, and ensuring you get prompt treatment if you do get COVID-19.

How to stay calm navigating bank crisis

Many people are raising questions, and there’s more and more anxiety following the recent failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.

Adams says it’s OK not to be OK. He put out a call to action on suicide prevention as surgeon general.

“One of the things we know is that family problems, home problems, financial problems are a leading cause of suicide,” he said.

It’s essential to find ways to help bring up your mood and deal with many of the stresses that come in your life.