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Woman accused of shooting boyfriend who rubbed pizza in her face

MILLMONT, PA (AP) – A woman shot her boyfriend because he grabbed her by the hair and “gently smooshed” a slice of pizza in her face during an argument, he testified at a hearing.

Jennifer Boop, 31, of Millmont, was ordered to stand trial on attempted homicide, aggravated assault and other charges following Tuesday’s preliminary hearing, The (Sunbury) Daily Item reported.

Brandon Doan, 34 who lived with Boop and her two daughters from a previous relationship, described the Oct. 12 shooting from the witness stand.

“I grabbed her by the hair and gently smooshed the pizza in her face,” Doan said. “She quickly shot me.”

Doan testified he couldn’t recall why the couple had started arguing but said things escalated after Boop refused to promptly agree to pack up and leave.

“She didn’t obey, so you had to go further?” Boop’s attorney Kathleen Dautrich asked Doan on cross-examination.

Doan said Boop grabbed his .38 Special revolver from its holster on a bedroom dresser and shot him in the upper chest. He spent two weeks in the hospital and still wears a neck brace because bullet fragments are lodged near his spine and have left him with a severely weakened left arm.

Police contend Boop told them she called 911, then called her mother and Doan’s mother before trying to help stop Doan’s bleeding. Boop told police she didn’t mean to fire the gun but was trying to scare Doan into letting go of her hair, authorities said.

“It sounds like my client was bullied,” Dautrich said after the hearing. “I never saw anyone smoosh anything gently. What was next?”