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Woman is caught on camera rubbing dog poop on neighbor’s door

DETROIT (WFLA) – A Michigan woman who was fed up with dog poop being left decided to take matters into her own hands in the messiest way possible, WXYZ reports. 

Surveillance video obtained by shows Brenda Mullins walk up to her neighbor’s home and rub dog feces on the door.

“I was just thinking, wow…that’s crazy. I mean. People do that you know what I’m saying,” said Michael Smith who was the target of the crappy act. 

And Mullins is owning up to everything.  

“Dog came and messed in my yard. I picked it up. I took it. Put it on her door now. You didn’t want to clean it up here… You’ll clean up there,” she told the news station.

She said she even has a video showing the dogs relieve themselves in her yard.

Michael claims she never approached him about the matter and if her dogs trespassed, it was likely by accident.

“They’re small dogs.. they’re Chihuahuas. Not like big dogs, you know what I’m saying. But most the time we have them on the property here…”

“Well I feel like I took it a little further than I wanted to… But what was I supposed to do. I got to prove a point too,” Mullins said. 

It’s unclear if police are involved in the dispute.