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You can actually buy a (tiny) house on Amazon

(WCMH) – Add this to the list of ridiculous things you can buy on Amazon.

The online retail giant is now offering an actual home delivered right to your doorstep. The fully furnished house is complete with one bedroom, a shower, sink, toilet, kitchenette, living area and double patio doors. It also comes with a microwave and mini-fridge. The catch? It’s a 320-square foot, pre-fabricated tiny home made out of a shipping container.

This tiny home will set you back $36,000 plus $4,500 in shipping costs. The home is made by MODS International, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer specializing in building modular structures using shipping containers.

The tiny home movement has taken off in recent years as people look to downsize and simplify their living spaces, mainly due to sustainability and financial concerns. According to The Tiny Life, a website dedicated to the tiny home movement, 68% of people who live in a tiny house have no mortgage, compared to just 29.3% of all homeowners in the United States.

Tiny homes are typically anywhere between 100 and 400 square feet and come in all shapes, sizes and forms.