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Young Fishers girl thanks police with personal pizza delivery

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — If you had to follow a kid’s lead, start with Alivia Webster. The 7-year-old girl knows how to have fun, as evident by the drawings on her bedroom wall.

But she’s also adept at cleaning up afterward. After all, she does have chores to do.

“Clean my bedroom, make my bed, be nice to my brother, help my mom,” she quickly listed.

Her hard work pays off. Sitting on the island table in her kitchen is her money jar filled with her allowance. She planned to spend her allowance on a microphone for signing. “I make up songs,” she said before signing a rendition of “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. But rather than spend her money on herself, she decided to do something for police. It was her way of saying thank you.

“That’s what makes people good, to give food to other people,” she said.

Alivia spent all of her quarters, which her mom said amounted to $20, on pizza for the Fishers Police Department.

“She was just so sweet,” said Lt. Norm Tate, the officer who received the delicious delivery. “After the Dallas shootings, I came to work angry. A lot of us did. She assuaged that anger. She made me realize that there’s still pockets of goodness in the world.”

Alivia’s kind gesture didn’t stop with the food. “Every time that I give someone something, I make them a card,” she said.

Tate still had the card and did his best to read her crayon-colored handwriting.

“It said: ‘Thank you for saving our world,’ and I can’t remember the rest,” said Alivia.

Kind notes and meals have recently become commonplace at the department. Since the Dallas shooting they’ve received Qdoba, bagels, donuts and more pizza.

“Some people don’t bring in stuff. They’ve just been stopping in the office, they come up to the window and say: ‘We just want to say thank you’,” Tate said.

That gratitude goes a long way for the officers, and Alivia’s selflessness is a reminder of how easy it is do.

“Because that’s the nice thing to do,” she said.