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Zionsville ordinance states chickens must be contained

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – The Zionsville Town Council will vote on an ordinance that would require all loose animals, specifically chickens, to be contained on the owner’s property.

Town Manager Ed Mitro told 24-hour News 8’s partner paper The Times Sentinel the amendment was brought up at an agenda-setting meeting on Jan. 26 by both the planning department and Town Councilor Tim Haak.

“Chickens are permitted in town. However, the current code is silent on having them contained,” Mitro said. “We have a situation in town where we have neighbors not getting along because the chickens are not being contained, and are wandering around. This puts that into place. The amendment broadens out that not only chickens but all animals that you have must be contained on your property.”

Mitro went on to say that the new ordinance limits owners to have a maximum number of six chickens.

No roosters will be allowed under the ordinance.

The council plans to enforce the amendment only within Zionsville’s urban district.