Colts ready for extra point changes

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Phase three of the Colts off-season workouts kicked off this week with organized team activities, but the buzz in the locker room wasn’t about seeing Andre Johnson catch balls from Andrew Luck, it was about the NFL’s decision to change the extra point attempt.

The line of scrimmage for a kick will be pushed back to the 15 yard line, meaning a 33-yard kick.

The league is hoping teams may opt for a two-point conversion attempt from the two-yard line instead.

“Bring some strategy into play,” said Colts coach Chuck Pagano. “Depending on you know, where you’re at. Late in the year you’re on the road, bad weather. You might think about going for two rather than trying to kick a 33-yard extra point.”

Future Hall of Fame kicker Adam Vinatieri isn’t wild about the change.

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“I’m a traditionalist, keep things the (same). Unless something’s broke, why fix it? But obviously the people thought it was something that was broke. We’ll deal with it and we’ll just move forward. I mean, kickers have continued to adapt and get better with different k-ball rules, and moving the balls back on kickoffs, and all that stuff a while ago. So, we’ll just adapt and move forward with it.”

The NFL says it will review the changes after the season before they decide to make any more changes if necessary.