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Elf off the shelf: Browns bring back Brownie

Brownie Field Logo Reveal Skydiving shoot at FirstEnergy Stadium on a Sept. 12, 2022 (Provided Photo/Cleveland Browns)

CLEVELAND (WISH) — The Cleveland Browns now have a classic elf running across their field.

The field at the FirstEnergy Stadium on the Lake Erie shore was the only field in the league without a midfield logo. So, the executive vice president and partner of the Browns, JW Johnson, took action.

A poll was created to give fans a hand in deciding what the new logo would be. Well, fans kept it classic. They wanted the old-school “running Brownie” logo at centerstage.

The design is already painted at the 50-yard line and ready for action. The Browns have their week two home opener on Sunday against the Jets at 1 p.m.

“We’re super excited about the new midfield logo. We really wanted to engage our fans in the process, and they are — as I’ve said multiple times — undefeated. They’re the best in the league, best in the NFL and, candidly, some of the best in sports. We really wanted to get their involvement and hear what they have to say. We were able to pull off the new logo with the old school Brownie logo,” Johnson said in a statement.