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Young discus thrower completes memorable middle school career

CARMEL (WISH) — A Carmel teenager is turning heads in the track and field world despite only being 14-years-old.

Ellie Cooley, who is a discus thrower, recently wrapped up her impressive middle school career.

“After I did really well in sixth grade, I didn’t want to lose that,” Cooley said. “I wanted to keep going. I wanted to keep getting better and improving.”

Cooley hopes that continues when she begins her high school career at Carmel later this summer.

She enters that next chapter of her career, fresh off multiple championships and records during her time at Clay Middle School. Some of those accomplishments include:

  • Three-time county champion
  • Three undefeated seasons
  • Meet record: 24-0
  • Against teams record: 69-0
  • Against individuals: 316-0

“I’ve worked very hard over the years,” Cooley said. “I’ve definitely been able to improve my technique and my strength and everything.”

Cooley’s mom, Courtney, knows just how impressive Ellie has been at throwing the discus. Courtney threw the discus while she was in middle school and high school.

“Our family says we owe everything to the discus,” Courtney said. “My dad says it’s in our blood. Without the discus, he never would have met my mom in college. And it just kind of has been passed on from generation to generation.”

Courtney has seen Ellie’s accomplishments first-hand, having been Ellie’s coach at Clay Middle School the past two years.

“It’s absolutely incredible,” Courtney said. “And as the time kept going on, and we kept seeing her progress, I just was blown away at how amazing she was doing.”